ASTM A519 Hydraulic Cylinder Tube

ASTM A519 Hydraulic Cylinder Tube
Product Details

ASTM A519 Honed Seamless Steel Tube for Hydraulic Cylinde

ASTM A519 steel pipe after Cold drawn,cold rolled and honed,can be used for Hydraulic Cylinde

Standard: ASTM A519

Materials: 1020, 1026,1035, 1045, 4130, 4140

Relevant standard :SAE1026,AISI 1026,ASTM 1026 and so on

Technical: cold-drawn seamless

Delivery Condition: BK.BKW,BK+S,GBK,NBK

Surface: Black, smooth, bright. 

1) Outer diameter: 6 to 426 mm; 

2) Wall thickness: 0.5 to 50 mm; 

3) Length: not more than 12 m. 

Straightness: 0.5mm/1m max for tubes below 3m,0.8mm/1m max for tubes between 3 to 6m, 1.2mm/1m for tubes above 6m

Technology: Honed & SRB (Skived and Roller Burnished).

Application: used in the hydraulic cylinder of the Heavy Machinery, Cranes, Excavator and Forklifts.etc

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