Why The Price Of Titanium Alloy Pipe Is Higher Than Pure Titanium Pipe?

Why the price of Titanium alloy pipe is higher than pure titanium pipe?


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Commercial pure titanium pipe is a pipe containing less than 98% titanium containing a small amount of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, silicon and iron. According to the purity, titanium were divided into grade1, grade2, grade3, grade4 and other grades , grade1 titanium pipe contains 99.5% or more titanium.Alloy Titanium pipe is a type of titanium pipe containing some alloy elements.Almost all titanium alloys products in the China national standard are expensive than the pure titanium. Do you know Why?


1.Less production. In 1910, Americans spent a tremendous effort to extract less than 1 grams of titanium and classified the titanium as rare metals. The most commonly used are the ways by the reaction of titanium tetrachloride with magnesium to form magnesium chloride plus titanium under high temperature.Compared with the annual output of billions tons of steel, titanium has only tens thousands tons of capacity per year. On the other hand, China is the largest country with titanium reserves, and a large number of steel mills are overcapacity and start smelting titanium, so the price of titanium decreases year by year.


2.The price of raw materials is not cheap. Pure titanium is very soft, so other elements need to be added to improve its strength. For example, the titanium -64,which commonly used in the aviation industry,should be mixed with many other elements to improve the metal performance. Sponge titanium, a titanium alloy, from sponge titanium to alloy titanium plate, often passes through a number of processes. The vacuum arc furnace needs to be smelted more than two times, controlling the melting speed, voltage and current, and controlling the impurity elements (such as Fe, C, N, H, O).

3.The poor processing performance.The Brinell hardness of commercial pure titanium is about 200~300 compared with steel,alloy titanium is even higher. The poor performance of the titanium alloy shows the following aspects:firstly,the thermal conductivity of the titanium alloy is small, and the thermal conductivity is poor. The thermal conductivity of the titanium alloy is about 10w/mk, and the 304 stainless steel is about 15w/mk. Therefore, the high heat produced by machining can not be effectively spread, and the contact length between cutting edges and chips is short, so that heat can be gathered on cutting edges. The temperature will rise sharply, which will cause the red hardness of the edge to decrease, and the blade will soften and speed up the tool wear. Secondly, the high chemical activity of titanium alloy. along with the reaction of high cutting temperature and air, makes the content of interstitial elements O and N increase, the surface oxidation hardening of workpiece, the increase of cutting force per unit area, and the increase of blade stress, resulting in blade wear or collapse.Thirdly, the elastic modulus of titanium alloy is small, and it is prone to produce large deformation, springback, distortion and vibration in cutting, resulting in poor geometric shape and accuracy, the increase of surface roughness, the increase of surface roughness and the increase of tool wear.


4.The poor welding performance of titanium. In last article, we discussed the welding performance of titanium. With the maturity of the welding technology, the welding technology of titanium alloy has been solved. France and the United States are relatively advanced in the the titanium alloy welding technology.France welding equipment is the most advanced and the United States is the earliest use of titanium alloy as structural components used in aircraft, so it produced the famous F-86, F-15,and later F-16, f-18.Russia and Japan start late but develop quickly.


In recent years, caused by the traditional media sought,the media,titanium products and titanium alloy products have good experimental results from aerospace, high-end decorative materials to human body implanted medical materials. However, the application of titanium alloy is not particularly popular, so the price will be high.SHEW-E STEEL PIPE supply ASTM B338 titanium pipe and B338 alloy titanium pipe in grade 2 ,grade 5 and so on.More details,call for us or email to info@shew-esteelpipe.com today!