ASTM A519 Seamless Precision Steel Tube

ASTM A519 Seamless Precision Steel Tube
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ASTM A519 Seamless Precision Steel Tube

SHEW-E STEEL   is one of professional ASTM A519 Seamless precision steel tube supplier and exporters, we supply A519 seamless steel pipingwith different materials. expecially ASTM A519 grade 4140, A519 grade 4130 pipe. Welcome to inquiry us. 

Standard: ASTM A519
Material: 1020, 1035, 1045, 4130, 4140
Technical: cold-drawn seamless

Outside diameter:4-260mm 

Wall thickness:0.5-25mm


Delivery condition:

BK(cold drawn,hard), BKW(cold drawn,soft), BKS(cold drawn,stress relieved), GBK(annealed), NBK(normalized)

Application: used in the hydraulic cylinder of the Heavy Machinery, Cranes, Excavator and Forklifts.

A519 Dimension

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